The quest for Well Being begins by discovering your personal rhythm.

Drum circles offer a setting in which there is a level playing field for everybody. 
Group drumming is; empowerment, enjoyment, opportunity, exercise, rhythm, mastery, enlivening, nurturing and transcendence.

Drum circles build community, self-esteem, creativity and a sense of well-being. 

 When our hands connect with a drum we express energy, vitality and emotion.  

As we extend ourselves to one another, we share our gift.  Exceptional becomes achievable!

Drumming connects the rhythm of our own heartbeat to the rhythm and heartbeat of the earth.  

Deep within the essence of who we are there's a sound, a vibration, an emanation that expresses life from every cell. It resonates in harmony with all living creatures-- an inner voice ready to emerge as a vital heartbeat that inscribes a personal signature. 

The rhythm of life is a symphony-- the expression of our soul revealed by the conductor within. Our unique voice resounds through the way we choose to live. When we connect with each other and extend ourselves to one another, we share our gift. 

Drumming as a healing Strategy:

When our hands connect with a drum that vibrates with our energy, vitality, emotion, exhilaration, hope, sensitivity, giving, sharing and unity, we become whole again. 

For music gets through where words do not pass, when barriers separate us and when the odds are against us. It uplifts us when hopelessness darkens each day, when communications break down, when we yearn for common ground and when we need each other the most. 

We provide the drums and facilitation, your group provides the music!                                      

   Professional    Wellness 

                            Team building                               Caregiver/Staff Training's
Conference Presentations          Retreats
          Professional Development         Special Needs
           Meetings                                       Senior Centers
                                       Company Celebrations              Nursing Homes/Adult Day Care 


       Classrooms                 Church Groups
    Assemblies                 Celebrations
    Teacher Training's       Family Event
            Camps                         Ongoing Classes

"Embracing diversity, building drum beat at a time."
Make your next event a hit!
The Health RHYTHMS protocol for recreational music making is the basis for all Drum4Health drum circles and presentations.   Drum circles can be scheduled in Buffalo and beyond.

Click below to view a video from the 2008 Elephant Run, May 11th, Buffalo, NY

Drum Circles,  Western New York and beyond.
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"it's never about teaching you to play the drum.  It's about inviting, encouraging and allowing your inner drummer to come out and play." ~ Carolyn Zimmermann