"Embracing diversity, building community...one drum beat at a time."
FitRhythms™ is a revolutionary new workout created by Paulo Mattioli that combines the proven mind/body benefits of group drumming and dance into an exciting and uplifting workout. It is a fun, full-body, rhythmical workout in which anyone can successfully participate. FitRhythms™ is a non-competitive, non-intimidating fitness program that fosters community, creativity, fitness and wellness through the process of dance and group music making.

Who can participate?
All that is required to successfully participate in FitRhythms™ is a willingness to share your rhythm, dance and essence in a way that supports the group experience. There are no steps or rhythms to learn and no performance pressure. It is safe yet challenging for all fitness levels because it is self-paced. The benefits of FitRhythms™ enhance participants' lives on many levels.
Research Proven Effectiveness:
FitRhythms™ burns more calories per minute than cycling, hiking, tennis or weight training, as proven through independent clinical research conducted by Dr. Barry Bittmann, Director of the Mind/Body Wellness Center.
Mind/Body benefits:
 Physical: Cardiovascular, muscular, neuromuscular, & joint conditioning
 Psychological: Builds self-esteem, friendships, reduces stress
 Psycho-social: Provides sense of community, belonging and support
 Spirit: Uplifting program promotes a positive attitude and personal growth
 Immune System: Group drumming & movement promotes healthy immune function
Get your blood circulating, your body moving, and make a few new friends!
Fitness never felt like so much FUN!
 No wrong beats, no wrong moves!
Don't miss this interactive
workout geared for everyone.
Enjoyable:  Is so much fun, you can't believe it's fitness!
Accessible: Is safe and non-threatening for all demographics and fitness levels!
Sustainable: Fosters relationships that build retention and long-term success!
Effective: Burns more calories than hiking, cycling, tennis and weight training!
Creative: Encourages self-expression through a non-intimidating, interactive group process! 
Current Classes:

 9:30-10:15 am - Sanborn Fire Hall, Buffalo Street, Sanborn, NY- open admission $1.00/class